Contact lenses for Halloween

Are you looking to purchase Halloween contacts online? You can find more than 500 Crazy Lenses-branded designs at the largest selection of non-prescription Halloween contact lenses. They are the perfect accessory for Halloween parties, haunted houses, ghost walks, and other events that celebrate October 31.

The pair of colored glasses is expected to be the hottest Halloween accessory of 2020. We have a pair to match any theme, so whether you are making a zombie costume for an apocalyptic party or dressing up as Pennywise in the highly anticipated IT 2, we have the right Halloween contacts.

These lenses have been used by A-List Halloween revellers, TV and movie production companies, and other models for decades. They are inexpensive to purchase and fit easily, but offer the fastest and most extreme eye transformations.

Halloween Movie Contacts

Crazy Lenses offers a wide range of Halloween contact lenses, including some that are so accurate they can be mistaken for the eyes of Hollywood’s most beloved and fearsome characters. We have our Black Mini Sclera Contact lenses for Michale Myers fans, and Darth Maul Contact lenses for Star Wars fans. This includes designs for the Hulk, White Walker and Maleficent.

Halloween Contacts Prescription

Crazy Lenses proudly introduced a new line of prescription Halloween contact in 2019 to complement its non-prescription range. The entire range allows people with impaired vision to enjoy Halloween madness. It is available in the following power rating: -1:00, 01:50; -2:00, 2:50; -3:00; -3:50; -4:00:50; -4:50: -5:00, 5:50: -5:50: -6:50: -7:00.

Safe Halloween Contact Lenses

Safety is the main consideration when purchasing Halloween contact lenses. There has been much media coverage about the dangers of wearing contact lenses. The reality is that contact lenses are worn by more than 45 million Americans. Eye complications associated with them are very rare.

Our designs are printed on soft lenses, which is the type of contact lens used by 90% of US wearers. We use only high-quality, safe imports to make sure your safety. We use FDA-approved dye and regularly commission independent testing to ensure that our lenses are safe for daily use.

You should still be careful when wearing contact lenses for Halloween.

After use, clean your reusable lenses with contact lens solution and place them in a case. We recommend using Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution.

If your vision becomes blurry or distorted, you should immediately get rid of the lenses and consult an eye doctor.

A pair of lenses past their expiry date should never be worn. The 90-day lifespan of your lenses (i.e. 90 days) starts from the date the seal on the blister packaging is broken. It is not counted as 90 individual uses, but 90 calendar days. Even if you wear your lenses once per month, their lifespan is still three months.

Due to the possibility of infection or bacteria being transmitted between your eyes, you should not share a pair lenses with someone else.

The Best Halloween Contacts

Based on the sales figures, we have compiled a list with the top Halloween contact lenses. We offer more than 350 designs. These are some of our top picks if you need inspiration or just want to be spoiled for choice.

Contact lenses in blind white – This is our bestselling Halloween design, Blind white. It transforms your pupil and iris into a block of colour. These lenses are ideal for undead, zombie-walking dead, and other possessed costumes. However, they can reduce your vision by approximately 80%.

Red Contact Lenses The range of red contact lenses is amazing. They have a red central pupil and a block of color. These lenses can also be used to see as werewolves or vampire eyes.

Volturi Contact Lenses – These Volturi lenses were inspired by the eyes of the Volturi Coven in the movie Twilight. They are a blood-red design with black markings and a central pupil. These lenses are a popular choice year after year.