Weighted Cat Eye Contact Lenses
Cat Eye Contact Lenses
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Cat Eye Weighted Contact Lenses

Prism Ballast Lenses

A prism ballast is a tiny un-noticeable weight that is built into the contact lens. The purpose is the keep the lens in the proper direction. In this case the cat eye lens so it will not spin around in the eye. All of our Gothika lenses have a prism ballast to ensure your cat eye lenses stay, well, cat like!

Are Weighted Lenses Common?

In the theatrical market? NO!  Weighted lenses are expensive to make and many overseas lens companies don't want the expense. They don't care that your lenses will spin around in your eye making you look silly.

We make sure that all of our weighted lenses are made with precision and comfort in mind. Another reason why Gothika brand lenses are the professionals choice for over 20 years!