Red Contact Lenses

Red Contact Lenses are the color that started all the rage with Halloween lenses. Demons and devils. Vampires and Witches. Even Zombies are wearing red lenses. The most popular look historically would be a vampire look. But don't be fooled; the red contact lens is incredibly versatile!

Out top red lenses are the Vampire Red Lenses and the Angelic Red Lenses. No matter what red lens you choose you can't go wrong with Gothika lenses!

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Tips From Wendy

My personal pick on Red Contact Lenses is a tough one. The Vampire Red is a classic but the Angelic Red has that cool jagged limbal ring that makes the lenses really pop. Both of those are available in prescription. In a shocking upset I think this year my personal favorite is the new Blood Red Lenses. They are not available in corrective strengths but the look is amazing! To me, they look more real. Think about it for a minute. If you are going for a vampire look, would a vampire have bright red eyes? Who knows for sure, but to me I think the Blood Red is more realistic. - Wendy