Green Contact Lenses

Green eyes are extremely rare in human nature. The reaction we have to green eyes is that they are mysterious and powerful. Green contact lenses offer an amazing look no matter what your character or design is.

Our most popular designs in green are Angelic Green and our Coloramax Green Lenses. If you want something really wild check out the UV Reactive Green Lenses that have an intense glow under a blacklight!

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Tips From Wendy

Green Lenses are a tough one for me. Overall it's really hard to pick one lens over an other. For example my overall go to green lens would be the Angelic Green. But I love the beauty and subtle green of the Louis Lenses. Both are available in corrective strengths. And I have to admit that I occassionally wear the Green Colormax Lenses out in public as a color lenses and not for costuming. They look amazing! LOL. I just read back what I typed and realized that this isn't much help at all! - Wendy