White Contact Lenses

Is there anything more off-putting than solid white eyes? Our White Contact Lenses offer up designs that make people stop in their tracks and stare. Some of our most popular white lenses are the White Out Zombie, Angelic White, and Manson! Many of the lenses are also available in prescription!

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Tips From Wendy

Hey everyone! I just wanted to throw my personal 2 cents into the mix on the best white contact lenses on the site. A stated above the Zombie White is the best seller. But my personal pick is the Angelic White. The only downside of the Angelic White is it is only available in non correction. So if you need them in prescription you are out of luck. But that jagged black limbal ring is pretty cool. If you absolutely need them in correction then go with the Zombie White or the Manson. Both of those lenses are available in prescription 0.00 through -6.00. Hope that helps! - Wendy