UV Glow Lenses

Rave UV Reactive Glow Lenses

Looking for something really cool? Our UV Reactive / Glow Lenses glow brightly under a blacklight. Not just a little dull glow. They glow like a colored flashlight from your eyes. The glow is unmistakable and gets a TON of attention! All of our UV Reactive Lenses are available in prescription strengths! The strongest glow effect comes from the UV Glow Green and the UV Glow Yellow Lenses!

Contacts That Glow Insanely Bright

Our UV ( ultra Violet ) contact lenses glow incredibly bright under blacklight. The special formula that is safe for your eye reacts to UV light and is like a beacon in the night.

Top Questions About UV Glow Contact Lenses

No. These are UV-reactive contact lenses. They glow only under UV light ( a blacklight ). Blacklights are easy and cheap to buy at most costume stores. Many nightclubs use them as well.

These UV lenses still have color. They are a pastel muted version of their colors. Most customers say they love the color in the daytime.

Yes! You can get these lenses in corrective strengths from Plano through -6.00