Common Wholesale Questions

The Gothika wholesale/dropship program is open to eye care professionals, haunted houses, makeup artists, internet marketers, influencers, and anyone interested in selling Gothika contact lenses. Our simple program allows you to sell Gothika lenses without the need to stock them. We can ship to your facility or ship directly to your customer! Signup is quick and easy, and approval normally only takes a few hours.

Nope. Nada. To be perfectly clear there are no membership fees and we do not change a dropshipping fee. you simply pay the low wholesale rate for the lenses.

Nope! You can order one pair and have it shipped to your office or dropshipped to your customer! No heavy buy in, no risk! Although if you choose to stock lenses in your shop we can give you some amazing discounts on orders of 24 pairs or more!

As a B2B order, we do not have wholesale or dropship orders go through our prescription verification system. This is something you need to do with your customer. As a reseller, you are responsible for abiding by all state and federal laws regarding contact lens sales. If you are interested in us offering prescription verification services please let us know. We have a custom program for that!

You can market your lenses anywhere you like! Remember that sites like Amazon and eBay do not allow for contact lens sales.

Absolutely! And there are no extra fees for dropshipping! Simple add the wholesale lenses to your cart and put your customers’ information into the shipping section on the checkout form. We do not include a packing slip or invoice. So your customer never knows what your rate is on the lenses.

The process is straightforward! Your customer pays you the fee you set with them. You buy the lenses from us at the wholesale rate and pocket the difference!

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