About Gothika Lenses

There is a difference! Gothika sells premium, FDA Cleared contact lenses… period. We care about your comfort and safety and only sell contact lenses the right way. The legal way.

Gothika Lenses

So what is a CLS lens anyway? CLS stands for Color Lock System. Its a method of putting the color inside the lenses instead of simply printing on top of them. This makes sure that your eye lid never comes in contact with the colors. CLS take more time to manufacture but the end result is worth it. Gothika lenses by LensServ Optical Inc. are some of the most comfortable theatrical lenses on the market.

About The FDA

Gothika lenses have been cleared by the FDA to be sold in the USA. Don’t be fooled by lens companies that claim they are FDA Approved. There is NO SUCH THING! The FDA doesn’t approve lenses. They clear them to be sold. In fact, it is against the law for contact lens manufacturers to say FDA Approved or even use the FDA logo! Don’t just take our word on it. Read for yourself on the FDA website. The FDA issues what is called a 510(k). The 510(k) means the lenses have been proven to meet or exceed a certain manufacturing level of excellence. All of our lenses have a valid 510(k).

Don’t Be Fooled

We know there are many places on the internet and stores or flea markets where you can buy contact lenses cheap. But where did they come from? Are you really going to trust the flea market guy selling them for 20 bucks when he tells you they are safe? Do you really want to risk the safety of your vision from someone just looking to make a quick buck off you? Of course not! Here at Gothika / LensServ Optical Inc. we are a mix of eye care professionals, make-up artists and designers that have been in the lens business for years. Could we sell illegal lenses for 20 bucks. yes. Will we? NO WAY! We only carry premium, safe contact lenses sold the right way under federal regulations.