Do You Ship To International Locations?

Unfortunately, as of July 14th, 2021 Gothika will no longer be shipping our products outside of the USA. Existing orders in the queue will be honored. After those orders clear and ship our lenses will be available to U.S customers only.

What? How Come?

Scammers overseas have been taking advantage of a communication issue with mail tracking. Most mail tracking cannot track to the door of international locations. So customers order and immediately file a Paypal or credit card dispute claiming they never got the lenses. Since the USPS cannot track them to the door Paypal decides in their favor. They get the lenses and their money ruining the chance for honest customers in their country to place legitimate orders.

Recently Gothika had over 25 cases in one month of these scam orders from Canada alone. Until tracking with the USPS improves or Paypal re-examines their policy we simply cannot continue to supply international customers.

Can You Fight It?

In some countries, no. The ones in Canada, YES! We are pursuing each and every case. If we can prove they got them and took the refund we may have some grounds to report them for fraud in their country. After all, these geniuses forget they gave us their address, phone, and email. One fraudster actually demanded we apologize to THEM for not being polite in our communication after they stole from us! Another claimed they never got them and then posted pictures of them wearing the lenses on Instagram. We will aggressively and publically pursue each case to send a signal to future scammers that this type of theft of not to be tolerated.

For The Good Ones

For our loyal and trusted international customers, we know this is a bummer. That a handful of people in your country ruin it for all. We know that it’s not everyone. We will be reviewing systems to ship overseas that offer more stable tracking to prevent this. If you absolutely must order please contact Wendy ( ) and we can arrange a secure shipment for previous customers.